The rural areas of Falcon and Peyton, Colorado, provide options for those who have horses or simply want more room to roam. Since 2000, the area has been developed with many newer neighborhoods and now provides more affordable options for families who want a nicer, newer home. There are both equestrian and walking trails throughout various neighborhoods. Sitting at the junction of Woodmen Road and Highway 24, this area is a convenient commute for those who work at Peterson Air Force Base, Fort Carson Army Base, or many places in Colorado Springs. Supported by Falcon 49 School District, there are several types of school models for families to choose from. The neighborhoods of Meridian Ranch and Woodmen Hills both have community centers with swimming pools and activities for all ages. Meridian Ranch boasts the Antler Creek Golf Course. Measuring 8000 yards from end to end, it’s the longest golf course in Colorado.

Schools in Falcon and Peyton:
The rural areas of Falcon and Peyton are part of Falcon School District 49 and Peyton School District 23. Falcon is home to Falcon High School, Falcon Middle School, Falcon Elementary, Meridian Ranch Elementary, and Woodmen Hills Elementary. Peyton's schools arePeyton High School and Peyton Elementary.

Parks and Open Spaces in Falcon and Peyton:
The rural areas of Falcon and Peyton are home to Homestead Ranch Regional Park, Corral Bluffs, and Jimmy Camp Creek Park.

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